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Jane Helm Maddock Service Award

Formerly known as the Alumni Service award, the Jane Helm Maddock Service Award is granted annually to an individual or group who has demonstrated outstanding service to Montana Western and our community. The recipient does not have to be a graduate of this university.

Past Recipients:
2018 Kirsten Love & Darrin Morast
2017 Vana Taylor & Cal and Brooke Erb
2016 Cory Birkenbuel & David and Shelli Schuett
2015 Susan Briggs & Deb Sporich
2014 Paul Craft & Chance Bernall
2013 William O' Connor & Karyle Contway
2012 Kathy Simkins, Cheri McCarthy
2011 Janelle Handlos, Judy Siring
2010 Dr. Dan Downey, Deb & Monte Snowden
2009  Bramlette and Company Realtors, Linda Reiten
2008  Dean Ovitt, Dillon Jaycees
2007  Don & Shirley Harrington, Fred & Susan Stradinger
2006  Kim Baker, Mary Ellen Wilkerson
2005  Vivian Womack, Perry Backus
2004  Judy Siring, Tom Welch
2003  Jane Maddock, Carl Davis
2002  Ron Loge, Connie Nicholas
2001  John Schuyler; Jo Ann Juliano
2000  Evelyn Lohman; John Barrows
1999  Chuck Swysgood
1998  Larry & Greta Chaffin
1997  Clarence Kostelecky; Dona Wallace
1996  Donna Rouse; Iola Else
1995  Linda Lucero; Ted Ori
1994  Clay Anders; Ken Bandelier; Dan Block
1992  Bob & Helen Hanson; John & Phyllis Erb
1991  Bill & Virginia Straugh
1990  Henry Stish
1989  Isabell Lasich; Bertie Pendergast
1988  Bob English
1987  Don Crosser; Bruce Watters
1986  Rudy J. Cebull
1985  Jim Short
1984  Blanche McManus
1983  John Piatt
1982  Chuck & Evelyn Stauffer; Dovie Ann Peterson

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