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Montana Western 2020 Colt Challenge and Sale

Friday, March 27, 202012:00 amSaturday, March 28, 202012:00 am
La Cense Montana: 4600 Carrigan Lane, Dillon, Mont.

The University of Montana Western’s Equine Studies Department has scheduled the Fourth Annual Cole Challenge and Sale for March 27 – 28, 2020. The event will be held at La Cense Montana, located at 4600 Carrigan Lane in Dillon, Mont.

The Montana Center for Horsemanship is the first and only equine center in the United States that is devoted expressly to promoting ‘Natural Horsemanship.’ With its stables, arenas, riding areas, and instructors, the center serves as the primary facility and progressive teaching resource for Montana Western’s Natural Horsemanship BS curriculum.

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