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Our goal is to make sure Montana Western continues to be accessible to students and provide excellence in undergraduate instruction. Private giving is an important part of that equation.

We invite you to help build the future of our university. We seek your support to ensure that the accomplishments of recent years are not remembered merely as a bright moment in Montana Western’s history, but rather as the foundation for a Montana Western of permanently greater scope and strength, a university with the capacity to contribute through its scholarships and its graduates.

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Dunfee Scholarship

Kristen’s family knew they wanted to do something that would create a lasting legacy for her. The Dunfee family established the Kristen Lynn Dunfee Memorial Scholarship to impact future teachers, just as their beloved Kristen had planned to impact a lifetime of students. Kristen Lynn Dunfee was born Feb. 7, 1971. She was educated in the Butte public schools, graduated from Butte High School and received her degree in elementary education from the University of Montana Western (then known as Western Montana College) in 1992.

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