Community Invited to Attend Free Summer Course at Montana Western

“We would like to invite the community to the University of Montana Western campus after a year without many on-campus events. This free, three-week history course, which focuses on pandemics throughout history, will give us a better understanding of how societies in the past confronted pandemics and the challenges experienced by Montanans during the COVID-19 pandemic,” said UMW Interim Provost, Dr. Jenny McNulty.

Interested community members can attend the first day of the course in Main Hall Room 319 and register upon arrival.

For more information, please contact the Montana Western Program Coordinator at 406-683-7324.

Course Details:

HSTR 294:  Fear, conflict, and death in a time of pandemic

This class will look at the history of world pandemics through time. An examination of how past societies have confronted plague, cholera, typhoid, and smallpox pandemics gives us a better understanding of the challenges experienced by Montanans during the COVID-19 pandemic. Using the comparative lens of history, students will examine the response of Beaverhead County’s medical professionals, of local government, and of local businesses and essential workers to COVID-19.