UMW's Revolutionary Block Program: a Full Semester of Credits, One Course at a Time

What is Experience One?

With the Experience One – block program, students can focus on one course at a time but still complete a full amount of credits every semester. Instead of juggling four courses at once, a student spends three hours each day on one course for 18 days, then moves on to the next course. Each course equals one “block” with four blocks per semester. This block schedule allows students to obtain a deeper understanding of each subject while still earning the same amount of credit as in traditional systems.

The Inefficiency of Multitasking

The traditional college approach requires multitasking because students take many classes at once throughout the semester. Attempting to shift the brain’s focus between multiple subjects repetitively every day greatly hinders the brain’s ability to absorb what is being taught. Engaging in multitasking—particularly while learning—limits our brains’ capacity to take in information (Madore and Wagner, 2019).

The Benefits of a Block Schedule

The Experience One program is beneficial to all students at the University of Montana Western no matter which degree they choose. Our outstanding faculty offer dynamic experiential learning opportunities from our ten academic departments: Biology, Business & Technology, Education, English, Environmental Sciences, Equine Studies, Fine Arts, Health & Human Performance, History, Philosophy & Social Sciences, and Mathematics. 

These benefits include the following:

-Hands-on field experiences 

-Small class sizes

-One professor and one final exam at a time

-Graduate with a portfolio of real-world experience 

-Kickstart your career

-Apply to graduate school with confidence

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