The addition of an on-campus Sports & Activities Complex provides an atmosphere that is vital to the student experience. A vibrant campus will assist with student recruitment and retention and will establish a shared facility for our community partners.

Education is a top priority when determining where to attend college, but ultimately students are looking for something outside of class that will draw them back to campus each semester. Informal and formal recreation activities outside of class have shown to be a determining factor for selection and remaining with an institution of higher education. The value of bringing the game-day experience to campus is essential as it relates to recruitment, retention and alumni engagement. 

From the university's perspective, this is a strategic investment that will significantly enhance every student's campus experience and strengthen campus-community relationships. Additionally, this facility will expand the opportunity for additional events to be hosted in Dillon including camps, All-Star games and performances. 

Your investment will result in a thriving campus community that benefits students, faculty, staff, alumni and our greater Dillon and Southwestern Montana community. 

Will you support this vital project?

You have the opportunity to make this a monthly payment at the end of the payment section. If you prefer an annual payment, choose YES below and we will contact you annually for the pledge.
You have the opportunity to make this a monthly payment at the end of the payment section. If you prefer an annual payment, choose YES below and we will contact you annually for the pledge.
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$100,000 and up

  • John and Phyllis Erb
  • Jim and Sarah Kennedy
  • Baty Family
  • Harrington Family
  • Greg & Tracy Johnson and Jenny Johnson
  • Stockman Bank
  • Matt and Jenny Blades
  • Bob and Helen Hanson
  • Tony Pierce
  • Pioneer Federal Savings & Loan
  • Beaverhead Motors


$25,000 and up

  • Bobby and Cindy Beers
  • Nate and Kim Finch
  • Treacy Foundation
  • Markovich Foundation
  • Ron and Valerie Fick
  • Bob and Janelle Beers
  • Joe Morstein #25
  • Ryan and Kiyomi Bramlette
  • Jeff and Janet Choate
  • Dale and Milann Combs
  • Ted and Jeanette Ori
  • Mike and Robin Taylor
  • Judy Cowdrey Family
  • Walsh W Bar Ranch
  • Craig and Christa LeCoure
  • Ben and Tori Snipes


$5,000 and up

  • East Bench Grain Inc.
  • Dick Doyle
  • Tom Heisler
  • Michael & Shauna Reid
  • Wally Feldt
  • Shane and Denise Frey
  • Tommy and Nani Lee
  • Mark and Kathy Simkins
  • Phil and Ashley Willett
  • Glen and Ann Johnson
  • Alan Zetler
  • Trent and Sarah Gibson
  • Dave Bennetts
  • Jim Bennetts
  • Bernie Bissell
  • David Cloud
  • John and Kathy Connors
  • Sean Cooney
  • Doug and Deb Creger
  • Bob & Judy Demarois
  • Pat and Christy Duchien
  • Mark Durham
  • Kevin and Roxanne Engellant
  • Scott and Kim Evans
  • Judith Hall
  • David and Karin Hergesheimer
  • Richard and Pam Hucke
  • Clay and Natalie Keller
  • Cris and Sheri Lagunas
  • Juan and Karrie Lulack
  • Rich and Linda Meine
  • Gary and Sandy Mihelish
  • Gary and Reene' Hamer Milam
  • Mountainview Insurance
  • Shaun Murgel
  • Ryan and Tracy Nourse
  • Josh and Nikki O'Neill
  • Kevin and Danielle Peterson
  • Nick and Dani Prinzing
  • Shane and Lacie Puyear
  • Fred and Carol Salmonsen
  • Dennis and Andrea Schurg
  • Rik and Diane Rewerts
  • Union Pacific
  • John and Patti Warren
  • Roger and Margaret Willhite
  • Dave & Sheila Uggetti
  • Dallas & Kacee Mock
  • Josh & Lacey Shrum
  • Bannack Group
  • Town & Country
  • Jim Littlejohn
  • Dave Cloud
  • Randy & Nancy Cornwell
  • Scott & Pam Godfrey
  • Mike and Ann Burk
  • Karyle Contway
  • Mike and Jody Cutler
  • Tom & Phyllis Welch
  • Travis & Ryan Gibson
  • Randy & Stacey Spaeth
  • Tony & Twyla Smith
  • Amberly Pahut and Jared Maloney in honor of Tom Yahraes
  • Dale Chamberlain
  • Marty & April Palmer
  • Jay & LouAnne Krantz
  • Mark Bissell
  • Jeni Jeresek in memory of her father, Rich Ramondelli
  • Karyle Contway
  • Bob & Susan Briggs
  • Mike Maroney

A Campaign like this takes all of us, and we want to celebrate those who have stepped forward to invest in the future of Montana Western.

All donors who give over $5,000 will be forever recognized on our donor wall at the Sports and Activities Complex. Donors who commit a leadership gift ($100,000 +) are eligible for physical naming opportunities. 

Comparison of Stadiums in the Frontier Conference.


Montana Western has been fortunate to have some legendary coaches at the helm of the Bulldog Football program. We are grateful for the impact these coaches have had on so many young people. They are behind this project, not only because they understand the impact it will have on football, but because they know it will be a resource for Montana Western and the Greater Dillon community. 

Support from some Legendary Coaches

Mick Delaney 1991-1993
Ryan Nourse December 2010-2013 and 2016 - present
Mick Dennehy 1988 - March 1991
Chancellor Mike Reid
Sonny Holland 1969-1970
George Nelson 1974-1980
Tommy Lee 2001-2007
Bob Beers 1993-1995

"Giving is about holding the door open for the next kid trying to walk through. Someone supported all of us through our lives, and now it's our turn." 

Bob Beers, Campaign Chair