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Night of Stars - Education Hall of Fame

Do you know an outstanding educator from the University of Montana Western? If so, we want to hear from you!
Recipients will be awarded based on the following criteria:
 Exceptional contribution to the field
 Recognition by peers as being an outstanding educator
 Recognition by students as having made a difference
 Leadership
 Number of years in the field (minimum of 10 years)
 Outstanding character traits

Please note, we are considering Montana Western Emeriti as possible recipients of the Life Time Achievement Award, as well!

Past Recipients:

2018 Night of STARS Recipients:
Ann Cameron Burke (1993) Hall of Fame
Becky Rappold (1999 and 2006) Hall of Fame
Carey Swanberg (1976) Hall of Fame
Mike (1993 and 1997) & Becky (1991) Telling Hall of Fame
Harold Tusler (1969) Hall of Fame

2018 Outstanding Teacher Candidates:
Joey Paulsonmorgan
Lara Belice
Katlyn Skauge
Jessica Reehl
Jeremy Wells

2017 Night of STARS Recipients:
E. Otis Thompson, ED. D. (1966) Hall of Fame
Amy Crumely Piazzola (1993) Hall of Fame
Terry and Linda Rosin (1974) Hall of Fame
Fran Schisler (1969 and 1988) Hall of Fame
Diane Rewerts (1979) Hall of Fame

2017 Outstanding Teacher Candidates:
Dylan Conway
Catherine Humphreys
Jarons Laws
Brandon Piazzola
Erin Nicholes
Delaney Hansen
Anna Arndt

2016 Night of STARS Recipients:
David “Jack” Hutchison (1968) Hall of Fame
Jim Lodge (1969) Hall of Fame
Darlene Ruble (1983) Hall of Fame
Barby Judge (1981) Hall of Fame
John Kuglin (1972) Hall of Fame

2016 Outstanding Teacher Candidates:
Deanna Woodhouse
Alyssa Endo
Daniel McGuire
Michelle Head
Mitchell Thompson
Monica Schwemin

2015 Night of STARS Recipients:
Julie Cajune (1991) Lifetime Achievement Award
Todd Morstein (1992) Hall of Fame
Jim Corr (1954) Hall of Fame
Dr. Mary Drabbs (1975) Hall of Fame
Robert DeBuhr (1968) Hall of Fame

2015 Outstanding Teacher Candidates:
Jessica Lammi
Bonnie Perry
Victoria Strauss
Amanda Wade
Mitchell Wassam

2014 Night of STARS Recipients:
Hall of Fame recipients:
Dennis Gibson (1975)
Lynn Stonelake (1971) Master’s (1979)
BJ Gneiting (1978)
Tedd Stanisich (1975) Master’s Only
Lydia Mild (2004)
Rose Sullivan Legacy Award (1940) 2 –year teaching degree, 1967 BS in Education

2013 Night of Stars Recipients:
Dr. Joseph McDonald (1953) Lifetime Achievement Award
Elsie Dondanville (1940) Legacy Award
Tammy Hurley (2000) Hall of Fame
Ingrid Joy Kaushagen (1957 & 1970) Hall of Fame
Thomas Marinkovich (1978) Hall of Fame
Dr. Terry Souhrada (1973) Hall of Fame

2013 Outstanding Teacher Candidates:
Meghan Flanary
Jennalee Scheeler
Nicole King
Sarah Baumberger
Rochelle Garrison
Ashley Moser
Ben Moser
Melissa Ossello
Connor Silliker
Randi Westlie

2012 Inaugural Night of Stars Recipients:
Dr. Godfrey Saunders (1976 & 1984) Lifetime Achievement Award
Aaron Sieminski (2005) Hall of Fame
Patty Butler (1993 & 2010) Hall of Fame
Chris Fisk (1992) Hall of Fame
Angela McLean (1994) Hall of Fame

2012 Outstanding Teacher Candidates:
Alan Cress
Emily Alberi
Lisa Padden
Collette Box

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