Montana Youth Challenge Academy to Host Airlift Events March 22 and April 12

The first airlift event will be held the evening of Wednesday, March 22, 2023, and will provide members of state leadership the opportunity to experience the impact of MYCA on communities across Montana. The event also serves as a training activity for the National Guard, providing valuable and required training hours. Please be aware that military aircraft (helicopters) will be flying in and out of the Dillon airport on March 22. 

Legislators will learn more about the Challenge Model of youth development and UMW’s Experience One program. A select group of Youth Challenge cadets will meet with representatives from their respective hometown districts to share their experiences and future goals. Diploma pathways for non-traditional students in Montana have become increasingly important, and increased understanding of the Youth Challenge program, and the needs of its participants, will empower our state leaders in advocating for future opportunities.

On Wednesday, April 12, 2023, the Montana Youth Challenge Academy, in partnership with the Montana National Guard 1-189th (General Support Aviation Battalion) and the University of Montana Western, will host an Educator Airlift event throughout the business day. Please be aware that military aircraft (helicopters) will be landing and taking off from UMW’s football practice fields, located on the south side of campus.  

This event allows Montana high school administrators, counselors, and staff an opportunity to tour MYCA/UMW facilities, observe cadets and staff, learn more about the Challenge Model of youth development and UMW’s Experience One program. 

Attendees will be flying in from locations across the state including the cities of: Kalispell, Missoula, Great Falls, Helena, Butte, Billings, Miles City, and Bozeman. The purpose of this event is to create statewide partnerships so that MYCA can better support Montana’s youth. Hosting educators from across the state would be nearly impossible without the transportation support provided by the National Guard. Air Guard members will also be completing valuable and required training hours through their support of this event. 

To ensure public safety, it is critical that all observers stay clear of the UMW practice fields on April 12. For more information, please contact the Montana Youth Challenge Academy at 406-960-4424.