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Vanderzanden - Donald W. Vanderzanden Memorial Award

Vanderzanden - Donald W. Vanderzanden Memorial Award

Established by the family of Donald W. Vanderzanden

Awarded to a men’s basketball player that demonstrates leadership and has the potential to inspire his teammates.

Bio of Donald W. Vanderzanden

A basketball memorial award recognizing leadership, friendship and integrity was established in the memory of Donald W. Vanderzanden, father of Montana Western cager Michael Vanderzanden. Donald had a great interest in a variety of sports. He coached children in baseball, basketball, football and track, working with handicapped children on many of the teams. While Don was a sports advocate, he was also a firm believer in formal education., His belief was reinforced when he spent some time on the Western campus with his son, Mike, in the spring of 1987. "He felt that Western's atmosphere was conducive to giving an all-around education," said by Sandy, Don's wife.

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